• Sovereignty of Botanicals Highlight: Ashwaganda

    Ashwagangda, the revered Ayurvedic herb (from traditional Indian Medicine), is named as such because it has been known to smell like a horse (Ashwa) as well as give you the power of a horse.
  • Re-Learn To Breathe The Correct Way

    For those of you that are athletes, how many of you were ever taught how to breathe most effectively? The shocking answer is that almost no one is taught this though it should be thought of as the most basic exercise. I believe proper breathing techniques should be taught as part of what you learn as an elementary school kid in PE class. If we continue to overlook this we won’t just be keeping athletes from the fullest potential but we will also continue to risk so many early deaths as you’ll see later.
  • Adapt to a More Sovereign Lifestyle

    We at Sovereignty value the importance of supporting the body with both adadoptegenic herbs as well as cannabinoids. We consider cannabinoids’ effect on the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) themicroadaptogens. If you don’t already know the basic idea behind how adaptogens and cannabinoids support the body, it is basically a system of homeostasis, or constantly striving to find balance in a constantly changing environment.